Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When Steve Cooks

When I have the time I like to have some fun with the meals I make for the girls. I started out by carving cheese in the shape of their initials and it has blossomed from there. L and E pancakes, sandwiches shaped like hearts or teddy bears, arranging the food on their lunch plates into smiley faces... I like it and I think they do too. Here are two of my more recent creations: Eve (from Wall E) hard boiled eggs, and to celebrate the US's opening World Cup game red, white, and blue star pancakes. More to come if I can remember to take the pictures.

Oh Snap(shot). New Photos

Hey everyone. We've been pretty busy lately. Superwife keeps our summer scheduled filled with all kinds of stuff. Playdates, playground trips, volunteering to clean up parks... it has been a busy summer so far. I have added some new photos to the Flickr page, so click on over and have a look.
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